Product Number: CSCPSI3HBK

Doing annual and semi-annual inspection of commercial vehicles?

This is a complete technician’s guide to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) National Safety Code Standard 11, Part B.

Technicians doing inspections need an authoritative, simple to use guidebook to ensure their inspections are done consistently and in accordance with the regulations – now you can have it! This handbook includes the entire text of NSC 11 Part B along with a detailed explanation of how to properly apply it during a vehicle inspection. The book includes detailed description and illustrations of how each component or system is to be inspected and what constitutes a ‘pass’ or ‘reject’ condition.
The Practical Safety Inspection handbook provides general instructions on PMVI inspection requirements. Explanations are given for each item that must be inspected, along with reference and measurement charts. The book provides a unique defect coding option that allows technicians to identify defects more easily than describing each defect in a note or sentence form. This coding method does not appear in the CCMTA version of NSC 11 Part B.

Relevance in Ontario - Changes to Ontario Regulation 611 that became effective January, 2015 require all annual inspections (PMCVI), and inspection conducted for issuing Safety Standards Certificates (SSC), to be conducted in accordance with the National Safety Code Standard 11, Part B (NSC 11B). An inspection report must also be completed for every inspection. This handbook provides clear instructions for technicians who are conducting these inspections. It also contains a complete copy of NSC 11B, that is much easier to use than the version offered by CCMTA.


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