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Sold as a package of 50 forms (duplicate copy)

Properly documenting a brake inspection can save a lot of time and expense at subsequent inspections. Commercial vehicle annual inspections (PMVI and PMCVI) as well as inspections conducted for vehicle resale (SSC) require thorough inspections of the brakes. This often requires removal of the wheels to allow access to the brake components. The regulations allow “limited” inspections of the brakes when a properly completed record of brake inspection is available.

Complete instructions are on the form. Use the form for one or all of the brakes on a vehicle. Each form covers 3 axles. Use more than one form for vehicles with more than 3 axles.

The form includes spaces for all of the required information listed in NSC Standard 11B.
Shrink-wrapped in packs of 50. Minimum order is one pack


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