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Product Code:CSC-HOSC-HBK (2016 ed.) Fourth Printing

CTA’s latest version of its Hours of Service for Commercial Drivers – A Trucking Industry Compliance Guide is now available.  This year’s version has several upgrades including updated information on the suspended reset provisions in the United States and new information concerning Electronic Logging Devices.   The most comprehensive handbook available concerning hours of service provides examples on all aspects of the Canadian and US regulations in both written and graphic formats that allows for quick and easy training.   This is an excellent resource for anyone involved in trucking and logistics that easily explains the sometimes complicated world of hours of service regulations in a compact and affordable format. 

The handbook provides information to help drivers and their supervisors understand and comply with the hours of service regulations in both Canada and the United States. In addition to the comprehensive information already included, this edition specifically provides:


·       Updated information on the use of electronic logging devices for hours of service compliance, their benefits, and guidance on the current enforcement protocols for this technology;

·       Inclusion of the new US hours of service rules, with emphasis on:

o   compliance requirements and guidance for Canadian drivers specific to the 34 hour reset and the 30 minute rest break provisions who operate both domestically in Canada and internationally to the United States;

o   Clarification on the application of the 30 minute rest break provisions for drivers operating in cross-border short haul operations;

o   Clarification between the use of “resets” and “recaps” in the context of Canada-US trucking operations to assist drivers and supervisors who have entered the industry since the mid 2000’s;

·       Updated information on the use of the “on-duty not driving and off-duty provisions” in both Canada and the United States and specific compliance information/guidance for drivers and carriers.



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