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CTA is pleased to announce the printing of TRANSPORTING DANGEROUS GOODS BY TRUCK(20th Printing), which is now available.

This Guidebook serves as an equivalent to the 2016 Emergency Response Guide which drivers can use to comply with 49CFR requirements. The Guidebook can be used as reference book for drivers and any other person involved in the transportation of dangerous goods, for example, dispatchers and it can be used as a supplement to the required training for any person involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by truck.

The latest printing includes all the changes to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations that were made by Transport Canada and published in the Canada Gazette on July 12, 2017 and became effective on January 12, 2018.

Many of the changes in the Regulations were of a technical nature, such issues as the definitions and classification of dangerous goods. Where relevant these changes are included in the latest printing.

The Regulations introduced new UN Numbers; new Special Provisions; and made amendments to the existing Special Provision and these are all included in the latest printing.

Class 9 has been amended to include Lithium Batteries and is now referred to as Class 9, Miscellaneous Products, Substances or Organisms and Lithium Batteries. There has been a slight modification to the placard for Class 9. A new placard for Lithium Batteries (UN3090, UN3091, UN3480, and UN3481) has been introduced, and both these changes are shown in the latest printing. It was the original intention by Transport Canada to introduce a new label for Lithium Batteries, which would have the same design as the placard as shown, but after the Guidebook went to print Transport Canada decided that the new proposed label would not be required. (This proposed label as shown in the Guidebook must not be used, assuming that such a label can be obtained).

The design of the Fumigation sign has been changed.

The placarding requirements for UN1005, Anhydrous Ammonia have been amended and they are reflected in the latest printing.

A major change in the Regulations, which does not affect the contents of Guidebook, but will affect some carriers, for example, tank truck carriers. The change makes the standards which are referenced in the Regulations but not in the Guidebook become effective immediately they are approved by the Standards issuing organization. They no longer have to be authorised by Transport Canada and published in the Canada Gazette. Carriers should be aware of when any changes are made to those standards.

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